Auction Sales Internet Marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words….

….or a couple at least!

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of photos when advertising for an auction sale. Clear, bright and relevant photos are key to a successful advertising campaign. Photos allow a preview as to what will be sold, as well as the quality and condition of the home, land, estate items, etc. of whichever you may be selling.

Global Auction understands the importance of photos to an auction which is why we try and make it quick easy and painless for you to upload your photos to your Global Auction Guide account.

Here’s how to upload photos onto Global Auction

Once you’ve uploaded your sale information, hover over the Photo/Video link to reveal your uploading options.

Choose your preferred method when uploading your unlimited photos. The quickest methods for uploading are BlueImp or DropBox. BlueImp allows you to quickly upload photos directly from your computer, either individually or an entire album. DropBox will take you directly to your personal account login to access your photos. If neither of those are right for you, try the Classic or JumpLoader versions.

Once your photos are uploaded you are able to rearrange them in any specific order you like just by clicking and dragging each photo.

Try to make sure your photos are facing the right way, not upside down. You can decrease the size of your photo before uploading and it will decrease the upload time. Technology today allows us to take some really great quality photos, but this makes the files quite big and can bog down your computer. By decreasing the photo size before uploading them onto Global, it will be a much quicker upload.

If your file size is too big, it can also take awhile for it to download while a bidder is previewing your sale. Keeping pictures a reasonable size makes the auctions quicker to load on the site, and will keep bidders’ interested.