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Always Continue Learning

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.” – Robert Frost

I think at one point in time we all believe we are an expert about one specific thing, like how to tie the perfect knot or how to determine a perfect wine. This can sometimes lead to the inability to open ourselves up to learning something new about that specific thing we are an “expert” at.

For myself, I’m constantly learning. Usually, when I think I am 100% right, I am wrong, but I try to accept this with humility and take it as an opportunity to learn from. I’m a Taurus, I am stubborn, so sometimes it’s easier than others.

Continuing education can be difficult, but it is a must in order to keep up with or stay ahead of those leading your industry.

As Auctioneers you’re constantly learning through experience and adjusting to new technologies or methods to stay relevant and successful. Many of you have taken advantage of the Educational courses offered through the NAA, and Global Auction Guide is no different.

Recently, we participated in the NAA AMM, Auction Marketing Management, course and I have to say it was well worth it. It was not only informative but the instructors, Robert Mayo, John Schultz and Ryan George, were all very passionate about the information they were teaching to our AMM class.

For many, it was a introduction to a whole new way of thinking when marketing auctions and could definitely add some self doubt and insecurity when not keeping an open mind. That being said, the instructors were all very willing to explain and build this confidence in you when discussing Facebook Marketing, Google Analytics and branding of your company.

For those thinking about taking this course, do it, and for those who are just hearing about this, look into it. Click here for more information on the AMM, and other NAA designations, and when and where they will be offered next.