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Auctioneer Association Conventions

Auctioneer conventions are not only a great opportunity to get together with your fellow comrades in the auction industry, but they also keep you up to date with current technologies, issues facing auctioneers, updating your knowledge with courses, as well as further inspire you to be a better auctioneer than the year before.

As a frequent exhibitor at many of the state, as well as national, association conventions we are able to sit in on educational seminars and learn more about the auction industry and the auctioneers themselves.

Some of the best seminars I’ve sat in on have not only been educational, but inspiring. I’m not an auctioneer myself, but I do have a great respect for auctioneers and the industry they work in so for me to be inspired by an auction seminar I can only imagine it’s probably ten times more inspiring for you.

Keep that drive and willingness to learn from your peers and continue to inspire each other and it will resonate to your clients and their trust with you as their auctioneer. State associations, keep your seminars relevant, educational, interesting, and motiving.