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Business as usual…pretty much.

As most of you probably know, a few weeks ago it came to light there was a large data breach that had occurred with Facebook. If you’re not familiar, or if you’d like a re-fresher, you should read Ryan George’s blog post here, it gives a detailed look into the timeline of exactly what happened.

Some people were outraged that their personal information was being harvested and that Facebook knew it had occurred creating the hashtag trend #deletefacebook.

What does this mean for people who use Facebook Business?

After the initial shock and awe, Facebook usage wasn’t really affected as much as people would think. This article from Social Media Today, shows Facebook user activity hasn’t really changed attributing some of this to the large part social media plays in many peoples’ lives.

For Facebook Business and marketing you’re still going to be able to create audiences from your Facebook pixel, email lists you’ve imported into Facebook (to then create a look-a-like audience…for now) and most categories you can find when creating a Custom Audience.

So, not too much has changed for now.

Before the data breach was reported Mr. Zuckerberg had made a statement, via Facebook of course, stating he was going to make Facebook about us again. Show us content from family, friends, things we want to see…less ads. Which doesn’t affect a good Facebook marketeer much, but can really hamper someone who’s just shooting for the stars in terms of getting interest in their product or company. You need to be good at what you do, but that goes for everything in order to succeed.

This is just one in a long line of things to come as markets change and information is traded. There’s always going to be a new way to advertise and a new way to reach potential buyers. For many years, newspapers and flyers were a primary way to advertise, now things have shifted online. Where will it go next?