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After 18+ years as your favourite website for advertising auction sales, we have been acquired by Glacier Farm Media. For those in Canada you would know them as the Western Producer, AgDealer, Alberta Farmer Express, Grainews, MB Cooperator, Farmzilla, Ag in Motion, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, etc. What this means going forward. In the agriculture world […]

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Tackling Technology Head On

As I was watching the 2018 IAC competition, specifically the interview with the finalists, one of the questions they were required to answer was in reference to personal and business related challenges they’ve faced in the auction industry and how they would overcome those challenges. I enjoyed listening to each competitors’ answer as they interpreted […]

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Sold for $1,100,000

As some of you may know, I’m currently traveling in Australia. While out seeing as much as I can I’m also trying to navigate the time change with North America to continue to help auctioneers. I’ve been staying with friends in Brisbane and recently, my friend and I came across a real estate auction just […]

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Invest in Water…A Unique Auction

Water is an integral part of our lives. Our bodies are made up of about 60% of it making water one of the most important elements in our functioning bodies. Which makes it a pretty hot commodity when it comes to the demand for water. As our climate changes, we notice a shift for the […]

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Some Useful Organizational Tools

When life continues to get busier and busier it can be difficult to keep track of upcoming travel events, contacting clients, staying up to date with coworkers and there’s only so many Post-it notes that will fit on the outside of your desktop. So, we thought it would be fun to share with you some […]

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A Guide to Auctions

This week’s entry comes from a guest blogger, Toni, who is part of Renovator Auctions based out of Sydney, Australia. She presents to us a Guide to Auctions and how to bid & buy at different types of auctions from cars to real estate and beyond. For both newcomers and auction veterans, you could always […]

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Weather vs. Auctions

  Oh weather, the catalyst of small talk. If affects us on a daily basis from what we decide to wear, what we drive, or the mood we’re in when we get to our destination. I came across this blog post recently in regards to how weather can affect the value of a property on […]

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Auction Marketing Innovation

Much of the rest of the world is turning online, so why would the auction industry be any different? More and more you see live auctions turn into online auctions to reach an even greater audience. With this comes setting up websites, creating online auction platforms, really creating your own online brand and making your […]

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Can you sell that?

As an auctioneer you come across some pretty great items to sell. Whether it’s a fur coat found in an attic, a taxidermy grizzly bear found in the back of an old barn, or a first nations head dress from the 1800s as an auctioneer you almost need to be a bit of a historian […]