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Defining your skills – 5 keys to a great voice

Young, old, rookie or veteran, auctioneers can always learn something new in the auction industry to keep their business fresh and motivating. In a very competitive industry, it’s imperative to engage your bidders and to give your clients confidence in your ability to sell.

After a full day of auctioneering, even in your last hour or minutes, you want to keep your audience interested in what you are selling. With simple things as changing the inflection and tempo in your voice it can be the difference between selling an item for $50 or $200. 

In a previous post by the Fast Talking Podcast, host Andy Imholte spoke with auctioneer and educator Tim Luke on how to create, and maintain, a great auction voice. A full day of selling can be tiring, not only for the auctioneer but for the bidders. Engaging your audience with only your voice can keep your bidders excited and full of energy from the first to the last items sold.

To listen to Andy’s entire podcast, just click on the link below.