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Starburst “All Pink” Packs Show Importance of Giving Customers What They Want

A recent online article brought home something that we ourselves took notice of during auctioneer conventions the past few years.

We usually buy a couple pounds of assorted Starburst candy to lure auctioneers to our booth during these events. Few people can resist a quick shot of sweet sugar to perk themselves up before another riveting session on Auction Law (sorry Mike Brandly and George Michak).

But with hours of time to study the choices auctioneers make, we have noticed the pink and red ones are always gone first, leaving the yellow ones to last. So how does that relate back to online marketing services?

Over the 17 years we have been working with auctioneers, we have always been asked for extra services. But In the past couple years the question “Can you do ____ for me? ” has became nearly deafening. In mid 2016 we took a long hard look at our company and the services we provide, and decided it was time to shift our focus and direction to provide a much more diverse offering of marketing services. Global Auction Guide was to become a digital marketing agency.

This is how Global Auction Marketing Solutions, known as Global AMS, was born.

Rather than working diligently to increase on the 1,000 plus auctioneers using our website advertising platforms, we would now concentrate on helping auctioneers wanting more services and to do their online marketing for them. With 4 of our staff attending the NAA AMM course in the past year, we felt it was time to take the experience and skills we had marketing our own business online and share that with auctioneers.

While Facebook marketing may be the pink Starburst of 2017, there are also many other online options for advertising that you may be unaware of or simply don’t have the time or skill sets to take full advantage of. This is where Global AMS comes in.

We are able to give you a custom quote on single event packages tailored to your advertising budget, or monthly branding packages that review your current online marketing and then help you get the most exposure for your company and attract new sellers. Global AMS staff have a diverse advertising background, both online and offline (remember newspapers?) and are tasked with getting you the most exposure and ultimately clickthrus back to your company and events.

While we have done a very quiet soft roll out of these new services, there are already auction companies who have added Global AMS as part of their marketing team rather than hiring yet another staff member. Small growing auction companies have been utilizing Global AMS for individual events when the need arises.

While will continue to attract millions of visitors to your sales, Global AMS is here to help you with all your online marketing, including the pink Starbursts.

Dwayne Leslie

President and CEO

Global Auction Guide Media Group