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Tackling Technology Head On

As I was watching the 2018 IAC competition, specifically the interview with the finalists, one of the questions they were required to answer was in reference to personal and business related challenges they’ve faced in the auction industry and how they would overcome those challenges. I enjoyed listening to each competitors’ answer as they interpreted […]

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Coming to a town near you!

Each year we sit down and carefully plan our travel schedule for the upcoming State Convention Season. We try to optimize the amount of states we can reach in this time by sending our Global minions across North America to discuss how we can help you market your upcoming auctions. Here is our 2018 Convention Schedule, […]

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Pointing you in the right direction

From the ability to directly target your ideal buyer for your specific individual auctions to decreasing your overall marketing budget when you see the results, Facebook ads can be a great addition to your marketing strategy. If you haven’t already discovered the benefits of Facebook ads, let us give you the resources to help. In […]

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The Myths of Website Referrals.

A few weeks ago on a Facebook Forum the issue was raised where an auctioneer was evaluating the effectiveness of advertising on a particular website. The comment came down to the fact that they watch their Google analytics every day and didn’t see many referrals from “XYZ” site. There are two schools of thought on […]

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Starburst “All Pink” Packs Show Importance of Giving Customers What They Want

A recent online article brought home something that we ourselves took notice of during auctioneer conventions the past few years. We usually buy a couple pounds of assorted Starburst candy to lure auctioneers to our booth during these events. Few people can resist a quick shot of sweet sugar to perk themselves up before […]

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Auction Marketing Innovation

Much of the rest of the world is turning online, so why would the auction industry be any different? More and more you see live auctions turn into online auctions to reach an even greater audience. With this comes setting up websites, creating online auction platforms, really creating your own online brand and making your […]

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Showcasing your Auction Sales

Clear, concise, and organized.  That’s how you as an auctioneer should present your upcoming auction sales. You want potential bidders to easily view your upcoming sales, from the time and location of your auction to your bidder platform links to online bidding, you want to make the process of getting bidders to your sales quick […]

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A picture is worth a thousand words….

….or a couple at least! In a previous post, we discussed the importance of photos when advertising for an auction sale. Clear, bright and relevant photos are key to a successful advertising campaign. Photos allow a preview as to what will be sold, as well as the quality and condition of the home, land, estate items, […]