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What’s in a colour?

Apparently, a lot. As auctioneers you’re portraying a brand, what you’re selling, who you’re selling to, and what you stand for. Whether it’s honestly, loyalty, trust or just getting the job done well, your brand is who you are. It’s hard to go back and change your brand once it’s created, so getting it right […]

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Defining your skills – 5 keys to a great voice

Young, old, rookie or veteran, auctioneers can always learn something new in the auction industry to keep their business fresh and motivating. In a very competitive industry, it’s imperative to engage your bidders and to give your clients confidence in your ability to sell. After a full day of auctioneering, even in your last hour […]

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Tips for Global Auction Guide Advertising

Online advertising auction sales is becoming a key component to the success of an auction. Knowing how to properly use these resources is very important in properly promoting your sales. Below are just some helpful tips on how to properly post your auction sales on and as efficiently as possible. 1) PDFs are not […]

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COPE. Create once, publish everywhere.

As auction advertising becomes more common online it can be a bit overwhelming, especially trying to organize all your advertising sites while being busy with auctions! Global Auction Guide has made it easy for you to COPE, Create Once Publish Everywhere, with our WordPress Plugin. Log onto your Global Auction Guide account and download the WP Plugin […]

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Get your auctions featured on Global

Looking to push your auction advertising to the limit? Maybe you have a unique or one of a kind auction coming up you want to get some extra attention. Look no further, Global Auction Guide has the answer for you. As an advertiser on Global Auction Guide, you have the opportunity to featured advertising allowing […]

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Get noticed on Global.

Whether you are an auctioneer, an advertising support for auctioneers, or a College producing some of the best auctioneers in the world we can help get you noticed through Global Auction Guide. With our banner advertising on Global Auction Guide your company/business will be noticed by millions of bidders, auctioneers, and all in between. Put […]