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A new beginning

Like many years before, 2017 has come and gone in a flash. The arrival of December tends to symbolize the completion of one chapter and the anticipation and excitement of a new one. We at Global Auction Guide would like to thank you for your continued support in 2017. We wish you a happy, healthy […]

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Invest in Water…A Unique Auction

Water is an integral part of our lives. Our bodies are made up of about 60% of it making water one of the most important elements in our functioning bodies. Which makes it a pretty hot commodity when it comes to the demand for water. As our climate changes, we notice a shift for the […]

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Some Useful Organizational Tools

When life continues to get busier and busier it can be difficult to keep track of upcoming travel events, contacting clients, staying up to date with coworkers and there’s only so many Post-it notes that will fit on the outside of your desktop. So, we thought it would be fun to share with you some […]

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What’s in a colour?

Apparently, a lot. As auctioneers you’re portraying a brand, what you’re selling, who you’re selling to, and what you stand for. Whether it’s honestly, loyalty, trust or just getting the job done well, your brand is who you are. It’s hard to go back and change your brand once it’s created, so getting it right […]

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Global Auction Guide Media Group Introduces Sarah Willsey as their new Sales and Marketing Representative

Winnipeg, MB – Global Auction Guide Media Group is pleased to announce Sarah Willsey has joined the company as the Sales and Marketing Representative for Ontario and Eastern United States.  Sarah Willsey brings Inside Sales and Marketing experience to Global Auction Guide Media Group from her previous position within the print media advertising industry. The […]


Going once, twice, sold

  From the Stonewall Argus and Teulon Times. Go there to see Photos.  Frederick Bodnarus says that he is fortunate to be able to live out his dreams. Bodnarus started being an auctioneer when he was 21-years-old and in 2007 became the owner of his own mobile auctioneering company called Bodnarus Auctioneering. “From going to […]

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Storage auction shows ruining it for the rest of us

A Great article about the Storage Auction Industry from NBCNews.Com By Jonathan Berr, NBCNews contributor Think you can be the next Storage Warrior? You aren’t alone. Attendance at auctions of items in storage units whose owners have failed to pay their bills has soared thanks to the popularity of “Storage Wars,”  “Auction Hunters” and shows like […]

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Auctioneers feel the Pawn Star effect

A Really great article from the Akron Beacon in Ohio Auctioneer Jack Kiko said he really started noticing it this spring.   Bidders yelling, “Yuuup!”   Someone telling a winner to “Go pay the lady.”   The term “picker” dropped more frequently into conversations.   The jargon is one way Kiko can tell his industry […]


TV Captures Auction Fever

From the great blog at Real Estate There’s no denying that real estate auctions grow more popular all the time. An oft-cited estimate by the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) is that auctions will soon account for one third of all real estate transactions in the U.S. Here at, we’re big believers in the benefits […]