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Feeding your Auction Sales

In our previous blog post, we focused on our WordPress Plugin making it easy for you to C.O.P.E. copy once, publish everywhere, shown here.

Global Auction Guide has gone one step further to make it even easier for you to share your auction information. With our industry partners we receive feeds of your sale information, listings, photos, online bidding, etc. so you don’t have to manually place it on Global. Saving you time, effort, and money.

If you work with any of the following industry partners, feeds are available for you:

National Auction List                            CUS

Proxibid                                                   BidSpotter                             Internet Auction List

Wavebid                                                   Marknet Alliance

AuctionFlex                                             Bidopia

AuctionMethod                                       United County

Online Auction Solutions                      K-Bid

For the majority of our partners the feeds are automatic, AuctionFlex is the only company where you need to manually turn on your feed, here’s how.

Login to your AuctionFlex/Bidopia auctioneer account by clicking on the gold lock on the bottom right of the window. Once logged in, hover over your name at the top to reveal a menu and select company settings. Scroll to the bottom of the company setting screen and you will see a select option for AuctionGuy. Once you turn it on for the first time all your catalogs will automatically show up on AuctionGuy/Global.

For more information on our industry feeds, or any of our other services, please contact:

Sarah Willsey

[email protected]



Shirley Hildebrandt

[email protected]


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