Going once, twice, sold

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 Frederick Bodnarus says that he is fortunate to be able to live out his dreams.

Bodnarus started being an auctioneer when he was 21-years-old and in 2007 became the owner of his own mobile auctioneering company called Bodnarus Auctioneering.

“From going to farm sales and live stock markets as a kid I just got interested in it,” explained Bodnarus.

Bodnarus, who is originally from Komarno and now lives in Saskatoon, not only has a passion for his career path but is also an award-winning auctioneer. In 2004 he was named the Saskatchewan Cattle Feeder Auctioneering Championship, in 2006 he was deemed the Yorkton Harvest Showdown Auctioneering Champion and in 2007 he earned the title of Manitoba and Saskatchewan Livestock Auctioneering Champions.

“A goal of mine is to win a Canadian title and eventually down the road move on to the worlds,” explained Bodnarus.

Most recently Bodnarus won the Winners Circle Auctioneers Competition at the 2012 Western Canada Agribition in Regina Nov. 20 – something Bodnarus says is ‘a huge feather’ in his cap.

“Winning the 2012 Canadian Western Agribition auctioneering championship like I did, that’s a big feather in my hat so to speak,” said Bodnarus, “as far as credibility about being recognized as the best in the industry.”

To enter the contest, Bodnarus had to send in a two-minute video of his auctioneering skills. Only five videos were chosen to compete at Agribition, with Bodnarus’ being one of them.

“It was exciting. It was an honour just to be selected and it was a greater honour to win it,” said Bodnarus.

At the competition the selling order was selected and the five contestants went about their business selling horse pulls at Agribition. Bodnarus explained there was a panel of judges assessing the contestants, including last year’s winner Ward Cutler who is from Virden, Manitoba.

“I just felt very comfortable,” explained Bodnarus. “I sell to a wide variety of audiences on a weekly basis, so I just treated it like another auction sale and did my best and things worked out.”

The competition was a ‘winner take all’ format, with Bodnarus being declared the overall winner. This means next year he will be one of the judges for the competition, which will then be entering its third year.

“I was very happy,” said Bodnarus of what when through his mind when they called his name, “because I have a great passion for the industry and I believe in the auction method of marketing – and it was just nice to be recognized as one of the best.”

Winning the competition is not slowing Bodnarus down. He explained that he plans to enter the Canadian Championships but on by the Alberta… to be held in Calgary, Alberta this upcoming January.

“I feel that auctioneering is a great profession and it’s something that I’ve always enjoyed,” explained Bodnarus. “Basically I am fortunate to live out my dreams.”

From the Stonewall Argus and Teulon Times.