My first Auctioneer Convention


It’s the first break of the day at the Texas Auctioneers’ Association Convention and I’m watching attendees run for the coffee table abuzz about the latest session they’ve attended. It’s a great opportunity to observe and meet new people.

What makes this especially interesting to me is the culture. Not just of the Texans, but the auctionering industy. You see, I’m a big city Canadian girl living in downtown Toronto, the largest (and greatest) city in Canada. While Canadians are well known for our friendly demeanor and mockable accents,  the act of chivalry has certainly died out. Not so in the great state of Texas. One gentleman pointed me toward the bar and when I saw him again he said he felt terrible about not BUYING me a drink. I hadn’t thought anything of it. This is something I am not used to.

At any rate there are about a dozen exhibitors here and, thankfully, lots of coffee. I’m not sure how many attendees are but I assume I’ll find out tonight when we go to the TEXAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY.  Once upon a time I was a NASCAR fan, but there is little opportunity to be park of that community up in Canada. So it’s really exciting to be able to visit a real NASCAR track.


The auctions, including the FUN Auction is being held on Friday night. I’ve had a chance to scope out some of the items up for grabs and it ranges from everything including wine racks to gun display cabinets to, well, just about anything you might associate to the stereotypic Texan. Frankly, I love it.

I wonder if these Texans are appreciating my belt buckle and cowboy boots.