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Only 5 weeks!

That’s, that’s all, only 5 weeks until the 67th Intl. Auctioneers Conference & Show in Grand Rapid, MI. Are you ready?

For those of you who have already registered to attend, we will see you there. For those who are undecided, C&S is a great way for you to connect with your fellow auctioneers, talk to some some great vendors, as well as build your auction industry knowledge through many of the offered courses and designations.

Don’t forget to stop by Global Auction Guide, booth #41, to discuss any questions you may have, the opportunity to register with us if you haven’t have a chance to do so online, or just come and shoot the breeze. Get to know us! We sure would like to get to know you better!

For any questions about or where we’ll be at this year’s Conference and Show just drop us a line:

Sarah Willsey- 1-888-725-4504

Shirley Hildebrandt – 1-888-669-3981