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Tips for Global Auction Guide Advertising

Online advertising auction sales is becoming a key component to the success of an auction. Knowing how to properly use these resources is very important in properly promoting your sales. Below are just some helpful tips on how to properly post your auction sales on and as efficiently as possible.

1) PDFs are not searchable. When adding a new sale to the site make sure to add the sale bill with as much text and with as many photos as possible. You can always attach a PDF with a reasonable size (under 2 MB) to make sure all your bases are covered.

2) Online Auctions. If the auction is online put the end date of the sale, not the start date. This will ensure people know when bidding ends and the sale will continue to show up on Global until the very last minute.

3) C.O.P.E. Copy once publish everywhere. Download our WordPress PlugIn to create a personalized auction calendar on your website. It will link your sales on Global to your personal website auction calendar. See this post on how to C.O.P.E. for a bit more information. 

4) Photos. When advertising on Global Auction Guide, the amount of photos you can upload are limitless. Just make sure they are good quality images to which the sale item is clearly shown. Read this previous blog post for more information on uploading photos onto Global. 

5) Details. When posting sale bills, post as much detailed information as possible. This will give potential bidders the opportunity to see exactly what they will be buying.

6) Online Auctions. Global has made it easy for you to advertise your sales on multiple platforms and only having to post the information once. Our industry partners help feed your auction sale information directly onto Global so you don’t have to. We feature our industry partners in this previous blog post.

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